Fuller's Jewelry is one of the last full service jewelers in our area who replace watch batteries. We stock all of the batteries used by todays modern quartz watches both regular and Lithium types. We also handle watch battery disposal in an environmentally friendly way by recycling all batteries that we replace. Replacing watch batteries really isn't something the average person should try to do on their own. There are numerous things that require skill and experience to handle. Not only is it important to get EXACTLY the right battery, but the proper opening tool or wrench is required, the gasket ring needs special attention, any small screws need to be removed, often all of this can't be done unless the metal band is taken apart beforehand. The photos at right offer an example of a typical men's watch and the tools needed to open it. Manipulating a battery the size of a large pill into the clamps completes the complexity of the operation! Unless the battery or the watch is something unusual, we can often do the needed replacement while a customer waits! Why risk your timepiece? We install regular type batteries for $8.00 and Lithium types for $16.00. which includes tax and installation.

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