These are some examples of what we sell displayed by category. We have a huge selection to choose from, as well as price ranges to fit any budget, from $ 10.00 to $ 10,000! To show our entire inventory here is beyond the scope of this site. These are but a few examples. One of the things that surprises people the first time they visit us is how large and various our inventory is, and the unusual styles and gemstones we carry that usually won't be found elsewhere. Rings featuring Umbalite Garnet, Imperial Topaz, natural Alexandrite, Morganite, and various fancy colored diamonds to name a few examples in the jewelry category. Many of our custom designs are made by me personally and can be found no where else. So check out the various categories below and click on photos to view your selected page.






   Black Hills Gold

   Estate Jewelry




   Different Strokes

   Infant Gifts


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