One of our newest and most popular services. We pay cash for scrap gold, old fine jewelry, and silver U.S. and foreign coins. Your gold is carefully inspected, weighed, and checked for karat quality, all free of charge. Then an offer is made for the lot. If the offer is accepted a photo ID is needed and cash is given for your lot. It is that simple! What could nbe easier? We are proud to say many of our customers have stated that we have given by far the best offers for their gold. Sending away your precious gold to strangers and hoping for a good price, or here today gone tomorrow traveling shows can be an expensive mistake. They spend tousands in some cases millions on advertising that is made by paying LESS for your gold! The small lot shown in the photo netted the lucky customer over $ 900.00 in cash! Why not see what that old ring setting or 14K necklace you never wear anymore might be worth?

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