Shown here is our large double case display of fine crystal figurines, Murano glass figurines, hand blown glass paperweights, and hand painted collector bird and flower porcelain figurines by Andrea.

We have a large selection of fine porcelain tea and cocoa serving sets, of high quality, many of which are hand decorated works of art.

Sadly a few years ago the Fenton Glass Company essentially went out of business when they stopped making the fine hand blown glassware that made them famous worlwide. We were a Showcase Dealer, and still offer a huge selection of limited editions and signed pieces, and add to our selection through new old stock dealers.

More examples of our limited edition Fenton Art Glass offerings.

Some more exaples of tea sets and pitchers as well as hand painted mugs and "tea for one" sets that have the tea pot seated on the top and the tea cup and saucer fitted undernieth. These make great gifts!

Last year when I made a buying trip to one of my suppliers in St. Louis I purchased the last remaining items in his stock of imported hand painted Japanese Iced Tea and Lemonade sets. I have carried these for years and have sold several sets. Once I have exhausted the stock I have of these pieces they can not be replaced as the company no longer exists. I believe it fell victim to the earthquake/tidal wave disaster. It is a shame, because these are some of the most classicly beautiful pieces I have had the pleasure to offer.




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