Fullers Jewelry was founded in 1990 by the current owner Daniel Fuller. Originally located at 52 East Elm street in Canton Illinois, in 1994 we purchased the current location 46 North Main Street on the West side of the downtown square. It was formerly Reicherts Jewelry, and has been a single family owned full service jewelry store since 1892. Recently the building has undergone restoration work to bring back the location's appearance as it looked around the 1890's. This includes a formerly forgotten transom window over the unique arched entranceway, as well as a natural green granite lower facade and decorative tile entrance floor.

Our store's interior is emblematic of the rich history of a business that has witnessed a hundred years of change. The majority of our showcases and displays are originals to the location, and have been in use here since 1870's. The roof is original tin work, and the balcony cases are still in use as storage. We have taken pains to fill all our new and old cases with both traditional and modern selections in gift ware and fine jewelry.


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